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  • School Preparedness Program

    We will teach the Pre-schoolers basic learning skills, school routines and
    proper behavior to equip the child in the actual school environment.

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  • The Mind Planet
    provides activities
    for summer

    that will avoid idleness in learning for students
    as well as, activities for moms.

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The best gift any parent can provide for their child is education. We believe in the power of knowledge and freedom of exploration. Schools have been a main tool in providing the basic education a child can have. But with the growing number of population, schools cannot provide the complete necessities of learning. Each individual have different needs. Specifically with students, they learn in different ways, different phase and different comprehension ability. The Mind Planet aims to provide the need based on the child?s capability and gradually enhance this capability for better performance. It is a center that primarily provides quality after-school assistance to students who are in need of additional guidance in their school curriculum using different motivational approach that will be beneficial to the betterment of the student?s performance in school and life.

The Mind Planet approach not only uses manipulative materials to assist in the comprehension of subjects, but apply teaching methods that will help the student appreciate the value of information and the process of learning.

The Mind Planet is also a facility that provides an environment for self-learning and exploration that will boost their thirst for knowledge and skills. We provide a fun learning environment that will excite their minds to experience and explore.

Our goal is to enhance and develop the following attributes that will be favorable to our students:

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PBS Kids
Find all your favorite PBS characters, each with learning games for kids to play: Clifford, Curious George, SuperWhy, The Cat in the Hat, and lots more.

Discover a new wonder each day. Wonders are amazing facts and intriguing questions such as: Why are they called Lava Lamps? What Badger has a sweet tooth?

National Geographic Little Kids
National Geographic Little Kids features games, crafts and recipes, science, videos, and animal information. It's perfect for the 5 and under crowd.

National Geographic Kids
Games, videos, information, cool photos, and more will keep your kids engaged and learning on this educational site.

Fun Brain
Math and reading video-like games like math baseball and Mad Libs Junior.

Tweens hang out in Whyville to play learning games and socialize.

J.K. Rowling created this site so kids could read the books and do interactive features and games. My kids LOVE it and can't wait for all the books to be on the site.

Get into cooking on this kid-friendly cooking website with lots of videos and recipes

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